On Valentine’s Day and awkwardness

Of all the cultural holidays that exist in the world today, Valentine’s Day is by far the most supremely awkward. A casual ‘What are you up to this week?’ often results in a response  like ‘Well, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and I’m forever alone so I’ll probably just be at home eating chips.’ This kind… Continue reading On Valentine’s Day and awkwardness


On lost things and lost people

  There is a certain romantic appeal about lost things. Ships that have been lost at sea haunt the imaginations of storytellers for generations, and lost aeroplanes set all sorts of elaborate theories in motion. Lost people, too, have throughout history and literature carried with them a certain romantic appeal: Coleridge’s wandering narrator in the… Continue reading On lost things and lost people

On clouds, and remaining an individual amidst a crowd

https://flic.kr/p/7PZ2At Image courtesy of Jake Brewer/Flickr/Creative commons Clouds are frequently considered for the information they can give us about the weather, about what types of crops will fare well, and about what clothes we may wear comfortably. It is less common, however, to find clouds consulted for the wisdom they may offer us about ourselves.… Continue reading On clouds, and remaining an individual amidst a crowd

On the dangers of seeking perfection

The other day I revisited Mount Dandenong with a friend of mine, and came home once again astonished by the natural beauty of that mountain. Specifically, we visited the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens, and as we sat under a tree enjoying our picnic I was struck by a strange but not unfamiliar, very disruptive kind… Continue reading On the dangers of seeking perfection

Short Story: Across a Table

‘But why are you screaming?!! Stop screaming, we are right here!’ A look of bewilderment appeared in his eyes. He let it stay there so that this terrible exasperation might crouch behind its shoulders and remain hidden. ‘I’m not screaming,’ he replied in confusion, holding his palms upwards towards the sky. But his companions flinched… Continue reading Short Story: Across a Table

On the groaning that often comes with Christmas

The other day at work – as is the polite but often tiresome custom when working in retail – I found myself making small talk. What are you doing for Christmas this year? I asked the man who unpacks boxes and marks off stock at the back. …Christmas? Boring! Just the same thing as last… Continue reading On the groaning that often comes with Christmas

On the wisdom of the avocado tree

Spring arrived recently, and as such I have been trying to grow an avocado tree. After watching numerous videos on Youtube that suggest that the process is actually a relatively straightforward and simple one, I assembled my three pronged, alien-like avocado pip on my windowsill. And then just in case it didn’t work I assembled four… Continue reading On the wisdom of the avocado tree

On unluckiness: Friday the 13th

Nothing was entirely supposed to go right and so nothing has particularly gone wrong. Alain De Botton Today, Friday the thirteenth , is purported to be an unlucky day. It is unclear what, historically, has made Friday the 13th a day of bad luck, but popular theories have connected it to Biblical events that were said… Continue reading On unluckiness: Friday the 13th

Why your garden path is cleverer than you, or, on the nobility of the humble pietra

Pietra – Italian. Meaning – stone 'You rock, rock'– I Heart Huckabees It seems that in everyday life, much of our energies and efforts are directed towards finding guidance, a sense of direction, or advice for how to be a better person. We turn to work in order to cultivate personal and public success. We turn… Continue reading Why your garden path is cleverer than you, or, on the nobility of the humble pietra

Take your books to the tomatoes

When I was younger, my grandmother made me a little bag. Roughly half the size of an A4 page, it has no zips, no cover and nothing particularly remarkable about it. Every day, I wore it to school beneath my blazer, for it was perfect for slipping books into, and this indeed had been its… Continue reading Take your books to the tomatoes