On clouds, and remaining an individual amidst a crowd

https://flic.kr/p/7PZ2At Image courtesy of Jake Brewer/Flickr/Creative commons Clouds are frequently considered for the information they can give us about the weather, about what types of crops will fare well, and about what clothes we may wear comfortably. It is less common, however, to find clouds consulted for the wisdom they may offer us about ourselves.… Continue reading On clouds, and remaining an individual amidst a crowd


What is wrong with being ordinary?

There are many annoying things about advertising. How loud and in your face it can be, The way you are sold a product through an (often highly polished and unrealistic) image of a coveted lifestyle, And the way women’s heads are periodically removed from their bodies: But one theme in advertising that has been bothering… Continue reading What is wrong with being ordinary?